Found another cool tool that helps to bypass online survey sites! I tried it with ShareCash and some FileIce downloads. This Sharecash Downloader worked great.. i only had to try again for the fileice one.

It seemed first impossible for me to finish any ShareCash online survey so i searched the inet for a solution and stumbled upon some cool helpful websites that help to complete Sharecash surveys and to download the needed files.

Now this tool features a easy and quick way to remove or even bypass most of these surveys. It even works for countries that couldn’t download from sharecash and other websites before!

With using it i could download my file very quickly without anthing to more to do than insert the url and click the button.

By the way .. i used hotspot shield too to hide my ip it was recommended

I hope this helps you as much as me feel free to say thanks :)


The new Sharecash downloader 2013 downloads unlimited files from sharecash.org or fileice (or newer ones like Uploadables, Uploadee, FileFire, ChiefUpload, Upload Pay, FileSwappr, DollarFiles and many many more) without any need of doing surveys, this is a free sharecash downloader which works 100%


The Survey Bypass Tool

The Bypass Survey Tools 2013 have been created because a lot of people have problems downloading from websites like ShareCash, FileIce, Uploadee or others inluding CPA Leads survey sites!

The Sharecash Bypass Tool 2013

This tips and tricks will help you to view the hidden content behind the lockers of these websites. You don’t even have to complete the surveys!

All these survey site hacks have been packed together in some amazing survey bypass tool. After you installed it you can navigate to any website that wants you to fill in a survey and skip it.

Just fire up the survey downloader tool (Sharecash Downloader and other online survey sites) enter the url and press the “Get File Now” Button. The whole process is fulle automated!

Normaly you would have to wait for the survey box to pop uo and ask you to complete it. Now you are able to bypass these steps with just a click and finally get to your file without that surveys!


How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files 2013

Out there in the web there are alot of PPD also known as Pay Per Download websites on that you have to solve some mostly simple but time consuming surveys to get the file you want to download!

Since a lot of our friends had big problems with this. Our team and the community assembled some great new tools that use some exploits in these PPD services that allow you to straight download your file without the need of completing a survey!

Just use our Survey Bypass Tool on them to download your file.

Check out our website for more tricks and hacks to bypass surveys to download files that have been revealed.